Motorola STI80-1300R


Symbol USB Synapse cables allow connectivity of any Synapsecompliant scanner to USB.

USB brings a number of important benefits to scanner connectivity and, in addition, it is often the only method to connect scanners in a variety of environments. Symbol Technologies is an active member of the USB Implementers Forum and the introduction of these new cables reinforces the long-term commitment of Symbol to USB connectivity.

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Symbol Synapse Cables

Symbol Synapse cables are a unique solution for a wide range of scanner connectivity challenges. Synapse cables give the input flexibility you need to connect

a wide range of bar code scanners to your host device. In addition, Symbol Synapse cables allow you to switch your scanner from one host device to another simply with a quick cable

change. As your business needs change, and you need to upgrade your Symbol scanners –without changing the host device – the Synapse cable product family is the perfect connectivity solution.

Industry Standard Interface: USB

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard for the connection of multiple peripherals to a host computer. The standard is sponsored by industry leaders such as Intel®, Microsoft, Compaq and NEC and supported by hundreds of other manufacturers.

USB has been available on all desktops and notebooks since 1997. In the year 2000 USB has gained a significant market momentum due to the introduction of many USB peripherals and many computers which simply do not offer any other connectivity for peripherals. Most new notebooks, network computers and Apple® iMac™ all attach traditional human interface devices like the keyboard and mouse through USB.

Symbol scanners now attach to this new class of machines like any other peripheral! 

In the retail point-of-sale terminal arena, the IBM SurePos POS 7X0 terminal also moved to USB for all its retail peripherals.

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