Ultegra® Parcel SCB R9000-144 Shipping Scale – Flat top


Fairbanks’ Ultegra® Parcel Shipping Scale is rugged and reliable and can be used in a variety of non-washdown, general weighing applications up to 150 lbs. There are more than 100,000 Ultegra scales in use today.

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The Ultegra is made of a high-impact gray ABS composite material which makes it lightweight, yet extremely rugged. The composite material is reinforced with molded structural ribs that provide up to 300 percent overload protection. 


The Ultegra is designed to control deflection, which significantly increases accuracy. Prior to shipping, the Ultegra is factory calibrated to an exact tolerance of 150 lbs x 0.05 lbs. 


The Ultegra is conveniently powered through a USB cable
(AC adapter optional) that connects to any computer’s USB A port. Two-key operation (units and zero) allows users to simply select a unit of measure, place an object on the scale and read the display. 

UPS SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE 1.3″ This scale can be used for UPS shipping. All that is needed 

is a computer and the UPS software (available from UPS). 




The textured weighing surface reduces surface tension and allows boxes to slide easily across the scale. To maximize operator efficiency, a roller top model is also available, as well as a remote display with 1.5” tall digits and eight-foot cable. 


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 14 in

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